Rock School Erie

About Rock School

Know a kid who’s ready to have a rockin’ good time? Then here’s what you need to know about World of Music Rock School!

How much experience do Rock School students need to have?

Because most rock songs have a degree of difficulty, Rock School welcomes late-stage beginning to intermediate musicians between the ages of 9 and 18 who have at least one year of private lessons or an equivalent amount of experience.

We recommend future rock stars meet the following guidelines:

Guitar and Bass Students Must:

  • Be able to play basic power chords, such as A, E, and B.
  • Be able to play a few open major and minor chords, such as A, E, D, and G.
  • Play a scale.
  • Know the names of and be able to tune open strings (A,B,D, E, and G for guitar players and A, D, E, and G for bass players).
  • Be familiar with TAB and other notation.

Drum Students Must:

  • Have studied and performed on a regular drum set.
  • Be able to play three or four different rock patterns.
  • Be comfortable switching tempos with different patterns.
  • Have experience incorporating simple fills into the patterns.
  • Understand the role of keeping time and playing behind the band.


  • Since few rock singers are trained musicians, Rock School singers don’t need any prior experience—they just need to give it their best shot!

How are bands created?

Students can enroll with friends as a group or they may enroll individually. If individually, they will be placed in a band based on their age, interest, level of skill, and availability to rehearse. Once a is band created, a practice schedule is determined.

Do Rock School students need to take lessons at World of Music to qualify?

No—but they must take private lessons somewhere.

When do Rock School students rehearse?

Once a band is formed, students rehearse once a week on a day and time that’s convenient to them.

What music will Rock School students play?

All kinds! Rock School students are invited to select music that they want to play and that instructors deem a good fit for their skill level.

What happens during a Rock School rehearsal?

Rock School instructors are professional coaches who show students the procedures and skills that go into being part of a successful rock band. Students will learn how to put together songs, play as part of a group, and improve their musical skills.

What do students need to bring to rehearsals?

Just their guitar, bass, or drumsticks. We provide all the other equipment!

I heard that the students put on concerts. True?

Absolutely! At the end of every quarter, you’ll be able to see and hear how far your young rock star has come during a special concert.

How much does a Rock School session cost?

There is a weekly practice session fee of $20 per week. The invoice is emailed monthly and you can pay online.

Sounds great—how do I enroll?

That’s easy—simply fill out the enrollment form.